Thursday, 8 April 2010

first touch down

Singapore airport.  Our first trip overseas.  The cleaniness and design of the airport was impressive.  The 29C heat was stiffling and we come from a hot summer.

  It was a great decision to stop over- 8 hours is enough on a plane- we slept soundly and were re-energized enough to tackle the 13 hour trip from Singapore to London.  Today we step out and have a look locally around West Kensington.

What a great advertisement for recycling- taken in Singapore airport.


Janeen said...

And first touch down comment is from Adelaide! Singapore is incredible - how pleasant to be in a place that values cleanliness - no spitting chewy on the footpath! - and recycling. And yes, those red letterboxes. So nostalgic. We even have an historic one in Glenelg but somehow England seems a more appropriate home - like Paddington Bear. Keep on enjoying your discoveries! Love

Life's a poem said...

Janeen, hope to start writing in earnest about what I'm seeing next week... meanwhile the sunshine in London is beguiling and the shop fronts amazing!

tjoyy said...

Glad that the stop over worked for you both - seasoned travellers now!