Saturday, 10 April 2010


We went with Rochelle to see the wholefoods shop, then explored a beautiful church and had lunch in the park attached to the church.   We were surrounded by very old headstones, tulips,  and a red robin.

Part of the coffee display at Wholefoods- there was even a cheese room with green pieces on some cheese (not a fan of this kind of cheese) fish from Cornwall, sardines, etc.
Even a display of fruit from Thailand.
 What a great blessing to have a daughter show us the ordinary places around Kensington- soon we'll hit the tourist spots.


Claire said...

Wonderful Lorraine. It's hard to believe you're there.

Life's a poem said...

Its great Claire, hope it inspires me greatly, I've got to pinch myself also.

tjoyy said...

Isnt it interesting how red features in this urban landscape.