Sunday, 18 April 2010

Portobello Road Market

I wanted to see a market.  It sounded just right(Saturday morning at Portobello Road) a mix of antique shops, new shops, flea market- but the number of people and the glorious sunshine made it hard to walk and browse.

It made me realise how special Camberwell market is or the op shops in Bendigo.  Rochelle wanted me to buy some green thread if I saw any- but nothing like that down these roads- silver yes, magnifying glasses yes, buskers yes, coffee shops, jewellery, clothes yes.
We had a great walk- Notting hill area and then caught the bus back to the local library- where I borrowed some books- gotta read.  Saw a Judith Rossell book there, Kate Forsythe, Isabelle Carmody...

But the sunshine outside was wonderful-people sunbaking in the lush green of a local park- and no jets overhead- a wide blue sky.
 This display of flowers is wonderful- our harsh hot days would soon dry them out.

Oh and I did see a stork fly around to the back of an apartment across the road- no baby here yet...

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