Friday, 16 April 2010

Natural History museum London

Its school holidays here so we joined the queue to line up to view the natural science museum.  Again the building itself is spectatular.  And so many family groups and grandparents bringing their little explorers to see the dinosaurs.

The gargoyles of wolves and snakes carved into the exterior of the building itself cajoled us as we queued.  Waiting is not something we experience often- bags checked as we go in.  Dinsoaur explorer books on sale for kiddies, explorer hats and backpacks, the butterfly house.  So as i don't really care for the monkey to man exhibitions I discovered the minerals, the vaults where precious jewels and rocks from all over the world were exhibited.
A gold nuggest called the La Trobe nugget from the McIvor gold field in Victoria.

A meteroite rock from Queensland.

This was a surprise- wave worn rocks from Macorna- hey that's a rural town in central Victoria not a wave in sight- I was a headmaster here when 21...

And a tree carving to commerate Darwin's 200th year celebration- along the ceiling of one of the rooms.
 I wrote about 600 words freehand of my fantasy story in the very busy cafe- even with slices of chocolate cake consumed around me and family groups drinking pots of tea and rolls and the never ending supply of sandwiches.

Lastly before catching the tube home again a photo of the Imperial college where my father studied in the 70's.


nattyj said...

Wow, gee a fair bit of Australian history in that post Mum! Be great if Grandma & Pa had the computer so they could read your blogs daily! xxx

Life's a poem said...

Agreed, there's a visit for one of my darling kiddies!!! Maybe I should get some photos done off too.

Claire said...

All the way to England to connect to home. Lovely to be able to see where your dad was and perhaps learn a bit more about him too? Love the Natural History building too. Wonder at the journey of those wave-smoothed glass bits...