Sunday, 4 April 2010

Book fair

It's held every Easter and its for charity.  I love it.  This year I was convinced that I wouldn't have time to go.  I'm usually one of those who lines up outside ready for the first day's opening.

But I can't go past the historicial, the quirky.  The book that might just hold a gem.  In the weeks leading up to the book fair, I donated about seven bags of books.  I really pared back.  I read, then turfed books which I might have garndered from this self same book fair 15 years ago.

I've been re-reading classics like 'Pastures of the blue crane' Joan Aitken, Lloyd Alexander,  Leon Garfield, Elizabeth Goudge.  I have to read, read.  I've stopped my library borrowing for the moment- we head overseas in a matter of days, so I've been challenging the books on my many, many bookcases to justify their dust- gathering tenure.
There are gaps appearing; there is half a shelf to store transformer toys, a castle, a cash register, cars- all for the grand children.
And I did restrain myself- just a few books bought- simply becasue I only had an unexpected few minutes to attend the book fair...amazing place and so many families encourageing children to buy a book, or a child sitting in a corner reading.YES.  After all the books might set us back 50c a copy!!!


Rochelle said...

Lovely post Mum! How did you manage to get there this year?! Looks like you got some good finds at least!

tjoyy said...

these look like lovely books - it is funny that you still managed to get there!!!