Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New books and a talk

Up on the Penguin website a new cover- my new Aussie Nibbles due out August.

Exciting times- this little story evolved over twelve months of rewriting- but well worth the effort and patience of my editor.

Before Easter I gave a Rotary talk- ten minutes on what it's like to be a children's author and surprisingly I was nervous- reading poems- and the opening poem- usually garners a laugh- but no response- so that threw me.  They were great people doing great community work and I appreciated the opportunity to spread the news about the creative world of children's writing.

Thanks to the Strathdale Rotary club.


jen storer said...

Oh how wonderful to see the cover after all your hard work! The sweat and tears that go into these little chapter books. No-one would ever guess! Congratulations Lorraine. And BTW we are discussing your poem Morning Light at Circle of Friends this week. It's so compact but so evocative and beautifully written. jx

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Jen, yes these little books are such gems! Glad you are discussing poems- watch out for my next collection coming in September- called Note on the Door! PS Happy Mothers' day! said...

So good to see, Lorraine! Warm wishes for a dancing cloak!