Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A whole week

I confess I've not been further into Queensland than Brisbane so last week we headed north into cane country into Mackay for the last son's wedding.  Rain, misty.  People walk in the rain as if it's everyday- which it was, and the humidity.  Ah I realise I love the crispness of winter- so May was a good month to visit.

The tropical trees and beaches were eye candy:

And the bride beautiful and the groom handsome.
Every wedding I've written a special poem- so six wedding poems have been written.  Here's to love and commitment-
 Here's the first stanza- for Kyle and Tracey:

Such a day
this wedding day,
vows and bindings
began in attraction, trust,
burgeoning to commitment
companionship and the daily need
to share,
these are the heart strings of love.

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jen storer said...

What a lovely mum you are, lorraine! xx