Tuesday, 31 May 2011


There is a time for firsts- first author panel, first workshop in the State library- poetry of course.  And a wonderful little rural school where the grades 3-6 had illustrated my short prose poem- A Ute Picnic along the back wall).

 And the poems that were written over the workshops attached to Reading Matters conference were wonderful- I hope to get a copy!

Then last night I took part in a Panel discussion on Great Expectations winning an award- there were Glenda Millard, Alex Miller and Rebecca Stead( USA Newberry medal winner).  My first author panel- very interesting- even the Jimmy Possum comfy chairs were intriguing!

And today- two school sessions on Ratwhiskers and me' and sharing all my goldfields props with hometown audiences- I enjoyed it so much- ah the voice and the feet are very tired.

What a grand occupation- being a children's author and poet.

PS Thanks Tamara for the hat, wig, shirt and belt- they were a hit!


Claire said...

Wish I could have been there to hear you on the panel.

And fabulous that the workshops have gone so well...although I knew they would :)

jen storer said...

All sounds wonderful, lorraine! Feet up for a few days now? I hope so. Congratulations on all those firsts. jxx

Fatty fat fat said...

What an inspiring blogg. I'm sure you're changing lives as you go and teach and share your time with the kids.