Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I have a new collection of poems due out in August this year with Walker.  Now this is where my note books come into their own- they put me back on our farm, back into unusual situations that only happen on a farm.

I've been trawling some note books, amazed by  the strength of some jottings- jottings that maybe when I wrote them I didn't realize their value- concrete details recreated for a non- farming sector.  I wish I'd written more, more.  But hang on- I had six young kids then, a farm, community commitments, a big garden to feed us, calves to feed, a husband to help and a long distance to travel to shops, services.

But the funny thing, is I found time to write at the busiest time of my life.  Every day, several poems, entries- now?  Hmm, not so.  But then nothing is wasted.  The training I did then has stood me in good stead.  This morning I have just written three poems based on specific memories and photos.   A farm life makes one explore and value the surpring minute gems of life.  It counterbalances the isolation, the loneliness.


BookChook said...

What a wonderful resource your journals must be. I am envious too of your background as a poet and how that must enrich your fiction writing.

Life's a poem said...

Lovely to have your comment. Yes my journals constantly surprise me.

Sam Marwood said...

My dreams are full of farm stories. This must be my internal journal. Constantly running in to bulls, dealing with all the family and looking after a chook shed that keeps building up with manure!

Life's a poem said...

Sam, wonderful- wil send you some of my latest poems for the next collection. Its been a journey writing and tweaking them and thinking about my writing now.