Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Book review

My friend Caire Saxby has just had her latest picture book released and what a great catch it is.
Here is my review.

'There was an old Sailor' by Claire Saxby and Cassandra Allen published by Walker, Australia
ISBN 978-1-921150-71-5

There is nothing as attention grabbing as reading a picture book to a child. It can bring stillness to a whole writhing mass of arms, legs and strident voices.

And of course using a child's known language as a stepping stone from familiar territory to new reading delights, is a sure- fire way to engross a child.

Claire Saxby does just that with her latest picture book release 'There was an old sailor,' based of course on that well known nursery rhyme 'There was an old woman.'

What sea- faring dishes does that old sailor enjoy? From the smallest dishes- krill to that impossible feat of a whole whopping whale. What fun!

Illustrator Cassandra Allen uses the bollard- like structure of the old sailor with the stylised curls of wavy sea as a backdrop to swallowing the bright bollard colours of pink krill, blue jelly fish, orange fish and the humongous silver grey of a shark.

Rollicking fun in rhythm, poetic language and pictures. Even the end papers are delight and the added bonus of a mini glossary of fishy facts makes many readings a joy. And children will demand repeat reading performances and also be tempted to interrupt with their own chorus of 'there was an old sailor ...' Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Lorraine Marwood

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Claire said...

Thanks Lorraine. I'm glad you enjoyed it!