Tuesday, 16 February 2010

May Gibbs fellowship

I've had my first day alone writing... takes a bit to get used to- that there are no outside interrruptions- other than the need to get outside and walk and verify that there are other people around.  And there are some glorious walks- resulting in a book shop stop, or an op shop stop...

There is a new addition of an art stand- (in the studio) so I've begun to put up signposts of my story.  I am still in the evolving stage - I sort of know my characters- how do these different characters fit together- the setting, the time frame, the obstacles.  These are all beginning to show themselves. 

There is nothing like writing to find out the answers to all these questions.

I write for the surprise, the pleasure, when the frustration and the red herrings begin to not matter.

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Rochelle said...

sounds like it's all coming together well mum! And having a lovely productive time - what a treat!! xx