Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Keeping on

Recently my neighbour Judy invited me to come to exercise class- every Friday morning.  It's great and hard work for such an unfit person.  Then the chance to take another hour class came today and it seems like starting back again on exercise is becoming a bit more of a priority, a bit more of a routine.

As the sweat rolled onto the floor today, I made a connection between the practice of writing and exercising- both call on remembered routines, stretches and muscles. 

I know I can produce good poems, good writing, once I've limbered up and begin- writing is a physical exercise- it really is- if I am immersed in a story, I come away heady and disorientated and exhausted. 

I  wonder if anyone else feels writing is a physical activity and improves with workouts!


tjoyy said...

Great routine - it will give you more writing!

jen storer said...

I've never thought of writing that way, Lorraine, as a physical workout. But i do come away from story writing feeling drained and befuddled and thoroughly exhausted! jxx