Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cooking and creativity

I love remembering recipes from the farm- this was a challenge- a spinach and salmon roulade from the Women's Weekly Barbeque cook book- for the family tomorrow.

And some sensory teaching activities for my grandson and ultimately all the grandchildren- The idea came from here:
Felt magnetic counting fish- catch a fish with a magnet- my variation will be to ask my grandson to catch two fish then add the total together- anyone else got some other activities to build up basic number facts( in a fun way)?


Rochelle said...

Roulade's always look so difficult to make! I don't dare to attempt as am sure mine will fall apart!!
The fishy look good! Will have to hunt through my old maths files to see if I can find any other ideas for you. x

Claire said...

love the fish! And am going to try the roulade too.

Rochelle said...

Just thinking re: maths - what about some basic dice games? There must be some of our old board games still there somewhere? Farmyard, or trouble? Or even perhaps just google some basic dice games, where he needs to add things, or draw things - like that bug game?

tjoyy said...

the fish really have freed me up thinking about play and learning - thanks mum