Monday, 3 May 2010

Sunday Roast

The temperature dropped with rain- about 8degrees.  Sime booked us in to a pub in Pimlico for a roast lunch-loved the roast parsnips!

This is our journey there- a first outing for Madeliene on the tube.

Leaving home- an umbrella each- can't remember when the last time I used an umbrella.

Waiting at the tube station
And the roast menu:
  The Orange Sunday roast


nattyj said...

Gee, those stairs look scary! Where's the photo of your yummy roast?

Unknown said...

Let's go back next Sunday. I want to try the pork

tjoyy said...

those pesky stairs - we got out our umbrellas yesterday on a pick up from school - and threw them out when we got home - they were in a terrible state!