Monday, 12 January 2009

pantry update

Not only has Kel beavered way at a completely new pantry with a bench, overhead cupboards, big drawers, but he has made a slide out rubbish bin in another cupboard in the kitchen. So here's a farewell to the bin that once held supermarket bags and worked hard for many years - in fact it's a relic from the farm and should hold many trashy memories for the kids. I thought it was a smart invention when I first bought it and when the new rubbish bin was installed this was decommissioned. As we still have a huge shed in suburbia, I put this little wire frame near the back door in anticipation of its trip to the shed.

"No way," said Kel. So before it goes into the council rubbish bin, here is a memorial to a well used everyday object.

You can really write about anything!


nattyj said...

It sure had had its day! Goodbye bin, fond memories I have!

Sam Marwood said...

Yeah, that is an end of an era. How did that one survive the clearing sale? What will be the next Marwood relic to go?

Sally Murphy said...

I remember those 'bins'! Good on you for being able to part with it - and have fun with the kicthen renos. New drawers and cupboards are always wodnerful (having just had new cupboards, pntry and big pot drawers installed, I speak from experience).

tjoyy said...

oh poo - I would have taken this piece of treasure - but good on you dad!