Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Flying Ants

There are so many phenomenal insect activities that happen in a moment and then are gone. If you're not in your back yard at that precise or spy something from a window, then you miss out.

Just as I was about to put the washing on the line one day last month- here was a swarm of big flying ants. They came quickly from the log and flew away in a matter of seconds. Amazing.

I love the quirks and impossible feats of the natural world. Great fuel for writing and an analogy of creativity and ongoing hope for one's own writing output.


Fatty fat fat said...

That is brilliant mum. I love your stories of how you get inspiration for stories. It's out of the ordinary that great stories come. Keep up the posts, I love reading them

tjoyy said...

mum you have always taught us this - thank you it keeps me going - it is a tricky thing to teach - to keep an open heart ready to be delighted and surprised - even when it feels heavy