Saturday, 12 October 2013


October and I'm working on a new book.  I love getting into the rhythm of regular everyday writing and when I do I wonder why I haven't disciplined myself enough before now to make it an unyielding habit.

This week I am workshopping into Melbourne schools, both primary and secondary, so no writing then, but showing the love of writing poetry.

Two of my techniques that I've pioneered- incident writing and images will be demonstrated again.  Such satisfying and fully attainable poetry techniques, always bringing new poems into existence.

I am continuing my blogging over at Christchurch kids blog.

We also will welcome a new puppy into the family.  I haven't looked after a pet for years, so this is both exciting and challenging.

Here is his welcome pack so far.

My writing friend Janeen Brian and her husband Jon visited so of course we talked and talked and talked.

Hello Janeen!!!

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Janeen said...

Hello Lorraine!
And we talked and talked and talked some more - but of course, it wasn't enough!
Next time!