Monday, 15 April 2013

Authors need a trick horse

Yah on Wednesday my new book ' Guinea Pig town and other poems about animals' had a book launch in Bendigo at the conservatory gardens and in conjunction with the Bendigo library.  Thank you Tammy.

There was a huge crowd.

We had an animal farm and guinea pigs to hold.

Then we headed to Woodend for a second launch- what a fabulous day!

But I think every author needs a trick horse- here is Eskimo and he stole the show.

Thanks to all my family, supporters and kids for coming!


jen storer said...

So much colour and fun. It looks like a great day. best wishes for your new book, Lorraine, I love the name! xx

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Jen. I have given my book the best send out I could now, to knuckle down to the next.


Janeen said...

It looks a wonderful day. Weather, animals, people, garden - and a happy launch of a book of poems! xx

KatApel - said...

Oh, Lorraine. This looks delightful and FUN. What a star attraction - a performing horse! Congratulations on your new book. There are lots of guinea pig lovers in this house - so we're always delighted to find them in a book!

Life's a poem said...

Tthanks Janeen and Kat- it was about the last hot day of autumn.

Kat, hope you are going well- miss all at KWD!