Thursday, 7 March 2013

A short story and craft

I've had a few creative few weeks.  One of the excitements has been my story "It's not your picnic Oscar' published in the March edition of 'School Magazine.'

It's actually a rather gruesome cover, but Oscar is a harmless little dog wanting to discover an Oscar party all his own.  This idea germinated in a park in Western Australia from a comment a lady with a dog made.  I tried many versions, mainly picture book  text until Oscar evolved into the story of an dog who lived with old Jim at the local rubbish tip.

Some stories can years to shape.

As well as writing, I've enjoyed two forms of craft.  I've wanted to knit some dish cloths pattern here.

And these are what I've made so far from thrifted cotton.

Then there is my need to do beading.  I've finally figured out how to make necklaces.

Here is a sample.
I do love crafting and writing- similar in some ways, immensely satisfying.


Janeen said...

All looks lovely, Lorraine. xx

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Janeen- from one crafter and writer to another !

Rochelle said...

Mads would love to read "it's not your picnic Oscar". Necklace looks great too!!

Claire said...

So multi talented you are, Lorraine. Love this version of 'It's Not Your Picnic, Oscar!'