Tuesday, 7 August 2012

More Oxford...

Of course Bodleian library was high on the must visit sites to Oxford.  We enjoyed a very informative tour.  Look what we saw:

The Divinity school built in 1427-88- took so long because they kept running out of money- I believe this building may have featured in Harry Potter movies.

That glorious roof- benefactors had their shields engraved here.
Charles 1 sat on this chair when Oxford became the headquarters for the royalist camp during the English civil war.
Hertford Bridge- another photo opportunity.

Of course sometimes the lines were too long- this to see the dining hall at Christchurch college that was the setting for the Harry Potter movies... but the gardens on the way in were gorgeous.

And a quick look at the covered markets.

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nattyj said...

Why did I never do a horticultural exchange over there! The gardens are so lush!