Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pitlochry, Scotland

We've been away for a week with limited internet access- but loved our time in sunny Kirkmichael, Perthsire, Scotland.

Our little cottage was on the banks of the river and had a glassed conservatory , a little handkerchief garden and a view right to the feeder for red squirrels- wonderful.

We celebrated a special birthday for Kel and really sampled the rural countryside, a moor and fabulous highland scenery.

View from the side of our cottage.

red squirrel feeding outside the door!
Our cottage!
Highland cattle

The moor we drove across to shop at Pitlochry.   Loved our taste of Scotland.


Catriona Hoy said...

Brings back many memories Lorraine. From memory, the youth hostel there is also beautiful.

Life's a poem said...

Cat, loved your part of the world- will blog more about Scotland- today it's been gloriously hot in London.

nattyj said...

Yes, please - I want a conservatory! And look at those wooly sheep - were they just roaming on the side of the road with their lambs?