Friday, 30 March 2012

Writing a strategy for a family festival day

Poetry is adaptable.  I've written a tiny technique called treasure hunt poetry to take families and small groups through a quick writing technique calling on found and sensory techniques in an old garden, now a commercial site on the historic precincts of Chinese Bendigo.

Its a free day- gardening ideas, preserves, solar energy and little triggers to remember a special garden association through treasure-hunt poetry.

I've been gathering things like seed pods, bits of crockery( found in gardens) feathers, and this afternoon I'll be looking at Peppergreen farm itself to see what herbs, leaves etc can be added to the treasure hunt table.

Here's a little example of what will be created, then handwritten on to paper flags and displayed around the garden.

Mint and knocking on neighbour's door
picking from the moist concrete cracks
for mum's roast Sunday lamb.
(C)  Lorraine Marwood 

What little snippets can be garnered from your garden- a certain texture or smell might take you back to a special memory?


Kaz Delaney said...

The festival sounds wonderful Lorraine - I wish I was closer. Despite being a city/coast/cafe/ girl through and through, I still love my veggie garden, my herb garden and most of all cooking with the produce. I used to preserve and we still have the old Vaccola around somewhere.

Just recently I bought a preserving book - even though I know I'll never have time for that again probably. Still, I love the thought of it, loved the memories it brought back and I certainly loved my hours preserving.

When I read your messages yesterday, I was so envious. What a beautifully relaxing way to spend a weekend.

And your poetry is wonderful. Warm and evocative of a time gone by.

I hope the festival is a success and have fun with your budding poets!

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Kaz, the day was successful- loved the mix of writers- those who never wrote, those who loved writing- young and old- I'd love to take a family writing course