Monday, 19 September 2011

Spring in the bush and two thanks

egg and bacon plant
The bush is flowering like it hasn't done for years- here is the egg and bacon plant- well that's its common name and the famous Bendigo wax plant.

glorious wattle
Bendigo Wax plant

I just love the colour, the texture- its my childhood landscape.

I also had to share an op shop find- playmobiles are expensive and hard to find- look what was waiting for me today at a $3.00 price tag.

this is my first thanks

a triple sized strawberry


And my second thanks for this huge strawberry nearly covering the width of the strawberry container.


Claire said...

What finds! Never let anyone tell you the searching is wasted!!

And lovely to see Spring showing her jewels.

Fatty fat fat said...

Love the flowers - that is what i am trying to protect so you have much more inspiration to write! the playmobile is brilliant