Thursday, 24 March 2011

Places of Inspiration

We had a weekend in Melbourne.  I went to my first ASA gathering at the State library and used one of the tickets I'd won to visit the Museum the next day.

Ah, such information, such treasure, such little gaps in two stories I'm writing at the moment, just waiting for juicy morsels of plot and background to be stitched into the story fabric.

I love history and its unexpected non conforming details- these are the inklings of inspiration.  I took notes, I took photos, I jotted down a few leads.
And even an idea for a new book.  Not many people were viewing the exhibits compared to the museums of London!  But all was fascinating and I've come away with more determinations and direction.  I just need to follow up on some more facts.

Quilt made by Martha Tipping Ireland 1843

How clever the generations before us, their personalities and life circumstances just waiting to be reconstructed.


jen storer said...

So wonderful to come away with all that inspiration! All best with your 'stitching' lorraine. jx

tjoyy said...

I love how you gobble everything up and are ready to respond and embrace!

Claire said...

Unexpected details. That sums it up doesn't it, what we aim to do as writers? Find those unexpected things, unexpected angles and perspectives. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration, Lorraine.