Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Interviews and reasons

I've just completed a small interview on community radio.  And one of the questions perennially asked is why do you write for children?

Is it because you can think like them?( read: get down to their level)
What sort of language do you use? ( read no big words)

That made me really think.

Here are my reasons for writing for children:

I can really try different ideas, story lines, formats.  To me children's writing is more creative and experimental than writing for adults.

I am surrounded by children, my own( forgive me they are now adults with children of their own) and with grandchildren.  I love their inventiveness in terms of reasoning and in terms of language.

I am a trained primary school teacher with years of literacy training and encouraging both adults and children to write( and read)

And I love the wide audience of children's readers.

I love to put hope and joy in my writing and wonder.

And I love to read children's literature.

Anyone out there want to add their reasons?


jen storer said...

YOu know Lorraine sometimes I don't think I write for children. Really I write for myself, so I suppose it would seem that I am quite...immature. ;) xx
PS Hoorah for children's authors! Lovely to see you blogging again too.

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Jen, I have been slack! But have been busy writing too and getting the next collection of poems together! But yes I write for me too- but lately have been asked so many times- I wonder if authors who write for 'adults' are asked why do you write for adults???(and not children) But we are a special breed!

Janeen said...

I think deep down I write for children because I love the way children think and I'd far rather be in their head in the way they see the world, than in most adults.I love too that they are so much in touch with their senses - my space too! (plus all the other reasons you and Jen gave, Lorraine).
ps. i think most other adults don't understand us because they've grown up and - out!


tjoyy said...

great discussion Mum - kids are more fun dont you think? I dont know what I would do without children in my life - it would be pretty boring and serious

Sharon Greenaway said...

I love reading children's literature, there is an innocence and also lessons to be learnt or re learnt that one doesn't always get in other literature.