Tuesday, 30 March 2010

CBCA Notables

Exciting news!  My verse novel- 'Star Jumps' made the CBCA Notable list today.  Very satisfying.  Its not easy to write in a genre that is not mainstream and  a topic that tackles farming and drought- but this novel is close to my heart and was showered with tears through the writing and editing stages.

Well done Walker- my publisher with several notable books in 2010 awards.

Thanks to the May Gibbs Literature trust for time spent in 2007 working on 'Star Jumps.'


Rochelle said...

Excellent work!! And here it is on the CBCA site: http://cbca.org.au/YoungerReaders_Notables_2010.htm

It's on my shortlist anyway! :)


Janeen said...

Hope you got my congratulatory note, Lorraine! I feel very thrilled for you because I love the work, I appreciate that it came from the deep well of your emotion and memories, I value the effort because it was written here in Adelaide and I treasure the fact that I was asked to launch it!

tjoyy said...

what an achievement - VERY glad to know that you wont be giving up writing!

nattyj said...

We're all doing Starjumps! YAY!