Friday, 15 May 2009

7 poems and more dialogue

Yes I did get to my 7 poems and more. I will try another concerted poetry week again. I learn that if I apply myself after a couple of tries, I come to one that sings , yes!

This week I took a dialogue workshop for the local Writers' group for two hours on Monday evening. You know the adage that teaching helps you learn more- it does! It has a way of defining those nebulous thoughts and concepts into practical examples for others to learn.

We talked about purposes for dialogue:
- emotion
-character development
-plot development
We looked at examples from different genres and tag lines- he chided, she blurted etc were out- body language the big revealing secret.
It was a fun night and reminded me how much I love to teach (and to learn).


Kathryn Apel said...

Hi Lorraine,

If you're wanting to share your poetry week sometime, shoot me an email and I'd love to join you. I do that too. It's invigorating/ enriching - and opens your eyes to beauty in the simplest things. Fun to share it.


Life's a poem said...

Ok will take you up on that - will get back to you after my launch!!!

Kathryn Apel said...

I'll look forward to it!