Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ratwhiskers launch

It has come and gone- a time of tingle and apprehension- my book launch for my latest novel 'Ratwhiskers and me'. What great friends and family to celebrate and a special writing friend Claire Saxby made the launch speech. Here's quote from it:
Ratwhiskers and Me is a stunning verse novel set in 19C goldfields Bendigo. I first read this manuscript in October 2006 and was just blown away. I read it in a single sitting, unable to put it down. I sat for a time afterwards, just letting the story settle inside me. I was very excited for Lorraine when Walker Books accepted Ratwhiskers for publication. And now to hold the finished book in my hand is thrilling. I love the wraparound cover, I love the design. But first and foremost, I love the words. There are changes from the draft I initially read, but the editing (onya Sue Whiting) has served to make Ratwhiskers and Me even more knock-me-down wonderful.

Thanks Claire!

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Our journey said...

It was a great day! Congrats Mum on your great success!