Tuesday, 18 March 2008

autumn cleaning

Although the temperature hasn't dropped below 35 for days- cleaning up seems to crop up- I have become a hoarder- I love books and nick knacks and material- but don't like those small plastic containers that get put into out of way places and never seem to have the lid that matches. So this week I emptied out the drawers with the ceiling fan going and sorted and got ruthless.
It's that farming philosophy of it might come in handy- the hand- me down, save money philosophy. This is more an explanation for my kids than for me. But I do realise that things have to change- that possessions need to diminish.

So let me declare the war on clutter has begun- maybe the decluttering( what an impersonal title for goods so lavishly sought) will free up more time for writing.


Our journey said...

looking good - that's what we like to see!!

Fatty fat fat said...

That is great mum! what a great story. We all knew that you were a hoarder. It wasn't that much of a secret. The only problem is that you have passed it on to all of your kids. But we just like picking on you because you have the biggest collection and have been collecting for a long time. So we are doomed to follow in our mum's footsteps!
Keep up the good work though mum