Tuesday, 10 April 2007


Easter was a great time for my big family and a chance to catch up. although Natalie and Danny in Sydney had to work hard over Easter with the Sydney show and Jared and Bunyawee with the restaurant. We actually watched the Bendigo Easter procession from the balcony of the colonial bank building in Pall Mall- maybe many other people through history have looked at the procession from this same vantage point.

I love the YMCA annual book fair held over the Easter period- second hand books- and two bags full for $20.00! Although I have been culling my book shelves severely throughout the year and have taken in bags and bags into the book bins for just such an annual event as this. Maybe a lot of those books I took in came from the same sale years ago. What I loved were the young mums and dads with kids looking through the children's section and finding treasures. And also marveling how many different books there are!!! I didn't really look in the poetry section this year, but looked in the cookery section and found some treasures for my sister and myself.

I also found another book in the Green Knowe series by Lucy Boston and am revisiting the books- what marvelous fantasy- gentle and perceptive. I also found one of those Scholastic book fair books- where one enters snippets about friends- well I found a diary partly filled in- what material for an author! Next year I won't go before 9- that long queue all the way around the block and will look more leisurely at all the book sections. And cull my own book shelves over the year!

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