Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I went to our poets' group meeting last night- what a fantastic time of sharing poems- it's amazing what we see in each other's poems and an objective eye helps understand our own writing and choice of words. We meet once a month in Bunja Thai restaurant and often while waiting for the group to arrive I can write and actually sketched an outline of a children's story I want to write- this does not often happen and even while we were discussing poetry, some ideas of past experiences floated to mind and I quickly jotted them down- it's amazing how an idea evaporates without proper recording.

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tam said...

Hi Mum

it is wonderful you are staring your own blog - really exciting!

I posted a comment ealier today - but it didnt save for some reason - what I wrote was that i found when I was writing my own blog (so be it for a very short time!) I found it really hard to find my own voice.

I have been thinking about how I would want a blog to be over the last 6 months and I thought what I might do is a blog that documents my work as an artist as it develops - so images of my work as a drawing/sewing piece starts!

any how just got to find the time!

Well done mum - look forward to more posts